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"Puppet Master I and II"


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Music By Richard Band
(Autographed by Richard Band)

Label: Wizard Entertainment - WE00898
Original Release Date: 1991 / Re-issued 2015
Duration: 54:42

Track Listings

1. Graveyard and Main Title
2. Parapsychologists Enter the House
3. Patrick Investigates the Graveyard
4. Puppetime!!
5. Deja Vu Waltz
6. Puppets Begin Their Killing
7. Blade, Pinhead and Torch Do-In the Hicks
8. Even Puppets Have Feelings
9. Blade Enters the Hote
10. Leech Woman and Toulon's Beginnings
11. Toulon Remembers  
12. Michael and Catherine Make Love...Puppets Plan On
13. Toulon Realizes His End Is Near, The Battle Begins
14. Puppets Turn on Toulon, Finale and End Title


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