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"Masters of Horror"
3 Episodes

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"Dreams in the Witch House"


Scary Witch


Dream, or...?


Can't save the Baby


Finale and ET



Dreams in the Witch House
A graduate student questions his sanity after he rents a room in an old boarding house which was the residence of a 17th Century witch, and he figures out that the evil forces still roam within the walls.

Note: Emmy® Nominated - 2006

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"Valerie on the Stairs"


End Credits




Valerie On The Stairs





Valerie on the Stairs
Taken from a Clive Barker original screen story, tells the tale of a novelist who discovers there are fates worse than literary anonymity in this sexually-charged tale of terror.

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"The Washingtonians"




Main Titles


Finale & End Credits



The Washingtonians
A family man unearths an old letter, claiming that historical figure George Washington was a cannibal, and that a colonial-era reenactment group may be upholding that way of life.

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The year is 2036 and Earth has been invaded: hope lies with the last Robo Warrior - a towering fighting machine.

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